About Permanomades Blog

We started, april 2012, Permanomades, this blog, to share permaculture personal experiences and home-brewed productions. We report our activities from projects in wich we participate, and in our own ‘Permaground’ projects, with most of our own content, photos and videos.

We organize information and knowledge in open and collective manner, in Permaground wiki. Thus this blog is also collective, open and participative. Don’t hesitate for any feedback, positive or negative. Also if you have productions in these topics, you are welcome to participate as author.

The term Permaground, as we hear it, is a strategy for future that ground a better and sustainable system of life based on :

  • Farming: (re-)build ecosystem fertility for a richer agriculture
  • People : build space for more creative culture of freer human minds and hearts

The main contributors are, for now, the two of us, Lina and Koro. Be welcome to join. You can contact us at sofiane(dot)gueddana(at)gmail(dot)com & linasoroli(at)hotmail(dot)com


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