Eco-Construction festival Makvärket

In the beginning of april 2012, we participated to the construction festival at Makvärket, an old ceramics factory converted into a cultural and environmental center by a self-organised collective working on ecological construction projects.

Several ecologic practices takes place in everyday life at Makvärket:

  • three mass heaters for heating and a oven constructed with cob;
  • the house reduce its environmental impact by composting food waste, using compost toilets and  recycling materials;
  • a small garden area and a greenhouse for seedlings built from recycled windows and bottles, produce few vegetables during summer;
  • a solar shower, built with recycled windows, coil shaped pipe and an insulated water tank
  • solar panels are used for outdoor and mobile energy supply.

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During the two weeks of the easter festival, we worked mainly on heating and on the garden :

  • We constructed small DIY solar panels for the passive heating of one of the rooms. We used old windows frames and an aluminium heating area painted in black (see photos). The cold air enter from a hole at the bottom of the frame, is heated by the metallic area, it goes up and get out from another hole at the top of the frame.
  • The insulation of the house is an ongoing project to improve the indoor temperature.
  • The outdoor clay oven that collapsed partially was repaired. The cause of the damage was probably a long and wet winter during which the oven was not used, and the initial cob mix that contained too much straw that burned when the oven was used.
  • Garden work consisted mainly in building ‘Fresh’ style raised beds and decoration of the newly constructed greenhouse.
  • Cleaning, organizing and recycling materials is a permanent work in the factory spaces. We also discussed ideas for a future use of the large industrial ovens and other materials was discussed.

We spent good moments with nice people, organizing, sharing working tasks in meetings, discussing, chilling in the sun, tresor hunting in the dark …  Although the nights were cold, many people participated to the construction festival for several days, pushing the collective one step further towards sufficiency, but much work to do is still left !

More about Makvärket:

More about raised beds ‘Fresh’:


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